Interview Coaching

As a “bar raiser” at Amazon/AWS, I led over 1,000 technical interviews and hiring decisions, up to the Principal (L7) level. Today, I help people practice for these kinds of interviews by teaching them how to prepare and giving mock interviews with feedback.

I have experience with a variety of types of interviews and I can design a mock interview or study plan based on the type of position you're looking for, or where you feel you need the most help.

Practice Makes Perfect

Behavioral, leadership, and culture-fit interviews

These kinds of interviews are often still technical, but they involve you talking about your accomplishments and decision-making in past roles, instead of solving hypothetical or contrived interview problems. There is an art to summarizing your past work in an accessible narrative format, and this kind of interview becomes increasingly important in more senior roles, even for ICs.

Coding exercises

These can range from short, timed coding challenges, to longer take-home assignments. Contrary to popular belief, there is not a lot of value in "grinding LeetCode/HackerRank" after a certain point. But with some simple strategies to keep in mind and a bit of practice, anyone who can code can get better at these.

System architecture & whiteboarding

Often used for more senior technical roles (especially those with "architect" in their title), this kind of exercise will have you designing a larger-scale application or software system at a component level. You might describe your solution verbally, draw it using a digital whiteboarding tool, or even ink-and-paper-over-video-call. Just like any other kind of interview, there are pitfalls to avoid and simple strategies you can use to get better.

I don't only coach Software Engineers!

I have a lot of experience both interviewing and coaching individuals in other software-adjacent or even non-technical roles, such as:

  • Software Engineer in Test (SDET)
  • QA Engineer
  • Engineering Manager
  • Project/Program/Product Manager
  • Data Scientist
  • Data / BI Engineer

Questions? Contact me

$125 55min


I do most of my coaching and mentoring work in 55-minute video sessions. This includes consultations, interview preparation / mock interviews, or any other activity we've decided on.

$75 25min


If you have a shorter topic, we can often squeeze it into a mini-session to save time. This is enough time for an introductory call, or to go over your resume and LinkedIn and give some high-level advice. If you are looking for a mock interview, code or system architecture reviews, or other more in-depth services, please book a full session so I can be sure we'll have enough time.

$325 55min x 3

3x Session Package

Save $50 when you buy 3 sessions at a time. After purchasing, sessions can be scheduled at your convenience using Calendly.

Monthly Mentorships

I'm offering career and interview coaching through monthly mentorships at MentorCruise.

A monthly mentorship allows me to build a deeper relationship with a mentee and build a customized plan for working towards their goals. This model also works well for job-seekers with an indeterminate timeline so they can keep me "on retainer" for questions and preparation about specific upcoming interviews.

Even if I'm not currently available, feel free to send an inquiry and I'll let you know if I can help.