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I'm a software
based in Seattle

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My Services

Software Development

Hands-on technical implementation in a wide variety of languages and technologies — coding, refactoring, testing, optimization, PoC, greenfield, brownfield, etc. Independent work or embedded with an existing team.

Technical Consulting

Architecture & design reviews. Technical research or deep dives. Early product lifecycle direction. Agile/Scrum team process analysis & improvement. Short or long-term engagements.

Mentoring & Interview Coaching

General technical and career mentorship. Practice interviewing and get actionable feedback from a Principal-level ex-FAANG interviewer. Coding, system architecture/design, and non-technical behavioral interviews.

My Skills

I have a wide range of full-stack software development and technical leadership skills

Backend/Distributed Systems

15+ years experience building robust, scalable systems in languages like Java, Scala, Python, Ruby, Perl, C++, etc. Backends for websites, web services or other APIs, asynchronous message or batch processors, and more.

Cloud Infrastructure

Wiring it all together from the ground up… Linux systems programming, Bash, Perl, etc., all the way up to large-scale integrations of many different micro-and-macro-services with CloudFormation & AWS CDK.

Technical Interviewing

As an AWS “bar raiser”, I led over 1,000 interviews and hiring decisions. Technical interviews as well as behavioral, for a variety of roles up to the Principal (L7) level — SDE, SDM, SDET, QA, TPM, PM, and many more.

Website Front-ends

I’ve worked on large, dynamic customer-facing websites as well as internal tools, using frameworks like React, Angular, GraphQL, MaterialUI, Bootstrap, Rails, Django, even plain-old jQuery and DOM.

Big Data, ML & Scientific Computing

I’ve worked with scientists and economists to implement ML models or other scientific algorithms, using tools like Python (pandas, numpy, dask), R, Scala (Spark), and more. I've also used data warehouses like AWS Redshift and Athena, Oracle, MS SQL, and done ETL programming in a variety of languages.

Leadership & Coaching

I’ve spent a decade in technical leadership roles (IC, not managerial) where I’ve mentored many engineers into both being more effective at their jobs and self-advocating for their own careers.